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Dear ATA Members and Instructors,

As the President of Afghan Taekwon-Do Association (ATA), I have the pleasure and honor to express and render my sincere and hearted congratulations and appreciations to the entire members of ATA for their generous support, inputs and contributions to the development of this new website. Though it is still under construction and some pages are yet to be developed, I found it a very comprehensive and professional website. Your future contributions and inputs will enable the team to keep the site as current and updated as possible.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,

Najmuddin Safi,

Member and Official Representive of ITF for Afghanistan


Latest News



ATA Won 1st Place Cup at the 3rd Invitational International Championships in India:
ATA once again winning 7 Gold, 5 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals, maintained its first place at the 3rd Invitational International Taekwon-Do Championships held in Bangalore of India from 29-30 December 2013. readmore..




A New School of Taekwon-Do joined ATA:
A new school of Taekwon-Do, Khawar, which is run by Mr. Faisal Gran and is based in Bagrami District of Kabul Provice, joined ATA. readmore..




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upcoming events

ATA Team will undertake a Taekwon-Do Demonstration at our new school in Bagrami District of Kabul Province soon.

Black-Belt Grading for our new members at Bagrami School will be held in mid Dec 2013.








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